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Puerto Rican Menu

Half tray (20ppl)

Full Tray (40ppl)

Weekend Combo plates avail. please ask :)

Larger trays upon request!

Corporate evnets priced differently please inquire

Mamagotchu Sauce 

$12 for a 16oz bottle! 


For the Holidays or warmer weather! 

Coquito, (Puerto Rican Eggnog) 

Aslo enjoy in the warmer weather as the base of the Origianl Puerto Rican Pina Colada! 

Large 33oz bottle $55



Puerto Rican Burrito
A full Puerto Rican plate in a burrito, Pernil, arroz con gandules, tostones, Maduros, cheese, avocado pico de gallo,

 a mildy spicy pique sofrito infused mayoketchu sauce


Arroz Con Gandules $85| $90
Puerto Rican Savory Yellow Rice w Pigeon Peas


Arroz con Pollo $95| $145
Savory Chicken & Rice


Puerto Rican Pastellon (Puerto Rican lasagna) $95| $125
"Pastelón" and its variant "piñón" from Puerto Rico is a casserole dish layered like

 Italian lasagne made with sweet plantains, ground beef, savory tomato-based sauce and cheese. Delish!


Pernil $110 | $190
Savory Garlic and spice rubbed 24 hour marinated Roasted Pork Shoulder



Pasteles $5.00 - $6.00 dollars each 

(Ideal one week advance request needed, may be able to accommodate last min requests) 

Will be available for Thanksgiving and Christmas so please place your orders!

Puerto Rican Tamales

Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, vegeterian, or beef picadillo 



$4-5 dollars each

Beefy picadillo Fritters


Papas Rellenas $85/$145

Fluggy potato balls stuffed with beefy Picadillo, then breaded and fried

Empanadas / Empanadillas 

Empanadillas flaky pastry filled with savory meat of choice

$4-$5 each

Beefy picadillo 



Mofongo $85/$175

Mash of fried plantains, crunchy pork skin, olive oil and garlic.

Vegetarian option available 


Pollo Encebollado $90| $160
Garlic & Onion Chicken


Carne Guisa $95 | $120
Stewed Savory Chuck Roast & Veggies


Pollo Guisao $85 | $175
Stewed Chicken & Veggies

Mama Rocs Chicharon de Pollo $95/$150

Puerto Rican Crunchy and moist Fried Chicken 


Habichuelas Guisada $75 | $120
Red Beans Stewed in savory tomato Sofrito sauce


Maduritos $85 | $130
Sweet Plantains


Tostones $85| $130
Deep Fried Green Plantains


Mama Roc’s Boricua Salad $85 | $125
Avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, green onions in my champagne olive oil caper dressing 


Mama Rocs Carabbean Mango and Sweet plantain Salad.

Maduritos, mangos, red onion, avocado, organic greens, cilantro, sesame seeds 

and my yummy Puerto Rican champagne mango vinagrette!

$95| $150

Abuelita style potato salad $85 | $130

Mama Roc’s grandma style potato salad


Abuelita style ensalada de macaroni $85| $130
Roc’s grandma style macaroni salad


Roc's Arroz con dulce (sweet rice dessert) like Abuelita use to make it!
Delicate Sweet rice in coconut milk with raisins (optional) and cinnamon and more.



Roc's Budin de Pan (bread pudding) like Abuelita use to make it!
Sweet bread pudding with rum cream drizzle.



Condiments and special sauces
Mama Rocs special Garlic aioli Sauce
Mamagotchu sauce!
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